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What to do When Someone you Love Dies No two people can mourn their losses the same. If you don’t know what you are experiencing at this time; you will not be able to deal with it properly. This can be seen in the life of Ami Shroyer. She is a renowned singer, song writer, minister, and speaker, who suffered the loss of her husband. We may through so much suffering due to loss, with no clear way of handling it. Knowledge of what this loss entails would serve most of us well. Everything that happens in a Christian’s life is understood to come from God. When they are faced with losses, they have someone to turn to, to make sense of it. They believe that it was not by chance for it to occur. Finding someone to listen to you has been shown to help. By describing your feelings, the mind makes a better image of what is happening. There are those who will attempt to put off showing their emotional reaction to the loss. It is not wise. Only through grieving will you get to the stage of recovery. It is medically dangerous to store all that negative energy. There is a grieving process, which should be allowed to take its course. Attempting to go against this process, or pretending to be fine only prolongs the inevitable. Once the process starts, it is wise to let it finish. You should also not attempt to quickly go through the process. There is a specific time line to it. There is danger in allowing it to proceed for too long. It may be difficult to recover if that was the case. If it proves too much to handle, ask for expert assistance. You can opt to join a grief support group. Such groups provide a safe environment for those who are facing similar challenges.
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Taking time from your usual surroundings and immersing yourself in other activities and people is great too. This will help you focus your mind on other things, apart from your sadness, which could be depressing and lonely.
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It is a good idea to ask someone to be regularly checking up on you, so as to be sure the process is leading to favorable results. You need another person to make sure you do not break down halfway. Keep your focus on living your life one day at a time. There is no need to bear so much anxiety at this stage in life. Burying the ghosts of the past will leave a clean slate for the future. In your progress, you may regress occasionally. Be prepared for this. It is normal, and does not signify failure in the process. You will get past that too. Try and allow other areas of your life to keep progressing. As much as it is important to grieve, life still goes on and will not stop to allow you enough time to grieve.