Kheng Ly is a very successful real estate developer in Canada. Born in Cambodia, he and his family faced many difficult times during the country’s civil war. Fortunately, he survived the four year span and later became a refugee of Vietnam. He remained there for a number of years, met his wife and then was granted entry by the Canadian government. Below is a little bit more about his background and his success in real estate.

A Closer Look At His Younger Years

Kheng Ly was 17 years old when he and his family arrived in Montreal without a single thing to their names. Because of this, he was forced to work to be able to support his family. He worked very long days doing various jobs in a textile factory. There, he gained much experience until he started his own textile business.

As time passed, he noticed a shift in the textile business and decided to go into real estate development and investing in 2000. For the next 12 years, he built various projects that gave him much experience and credibility among his peers. In 2012, he decided to rebrand his company and renamed it Brivia Group. The name of the company was inspired by his three children.

One Of His Biggest Projects, YUL Condominiums

If one were to search Kheng Ly on Pinterest, they will come across various articles and pictures of him and his YUL condominiums. Right in the center of downtown Montreal, YUL condominiums is best known for its unique structural design. It consists of two towers that are 38 stories each. This is the largest real estate project in the downtown area of Montreal. YUL condominiums is only one of the many successful projects Kheng Ly has produced in his 25 years in real estate.

Because of his hard work and perseverance, Kheng Ly became very successful in the real estate field. His humble beginning made him a very generous philanthropist, supporting many non-profit organizations. Such organizations include the Montreal Chinese Hospital Foundations, Jewish General Hospital Foundation, Chad Chow Association of Quebec, and so much more.